Mississippi V3

It was my third time visiting one of my dearest friends and favorite families in the world in the least expected Happy Place, Mississippi. The happy place where playing dress up at dinner is obligatory and silliness always wins. Tears poured out of all of our eyes when it was time to leave, and the "AUNT JILL DON'T GO!" sad guilt trip means we'll surely be back again soon. 

Palm Springs Every Day Forever

I went to a festival and I didn't freak out. In fact, it was one of the most fun weekends I've ever had. I had no idea so much dance was stored up inside of me, or so much freedom could exist in a moment in time, in one place- a utopian playground for adults, where the warmth and the breeze and sound meet- where having someone you love hold your hand can make everything that would otherwise suck just disappear. I took the Diana out to play. It seemed like the only appropriate way to shoot a bit of film at Coachella. 

March in 2014 - Not So Simplified

The thing about March 2014 is that while I've simplified (March 2013 was life as an artist and a full time wedding photographer while also holding a full time position on the legal team at Twitter while also having a broken leg)- it turns out that simplification does not mean less work. In this case, it's meant a trillion times more work and less play or balance, which means less blogging. It means less time to think about things, which means writers block galore. And when to get that film developed or scan the polaroids... Yes, opening, curating and running a shop and art gallery is a whole different ballgame- and while absolutely right and exciting and wonderful, not recommended for a person on their own, no matter how over-achieving you are. At least not if you care about your blog.

For lack of eloquence or an abundance of photos, this is what March looked like. Love in the shop, faces of friends, a first day off which we spent beach-side, a visit from my wonderful friend Q, and a quick trip to LA.  Happy sigh. March. 

(thanks to my lovely friend Maddie for the first photo, of my sweet little L and me in the store).