Three Days in Paris

A last minute quick trip to see loved ones and my favorite haunts in Paris with a new little 90s 35mm Leica (and iphone for the last photo since Kristen didn't press the shutter button hard enough for the real photos of me :) 

Some film about nothing

Looking through some of J's parents' photo albums from the 90s recently got me thinking... Once upon a time we took photos of everything. With a camera. And film. Like we do with our phones now, but not. We didn't think too much about wasting film, or about whether it was worth a shot. We just took photos. That food on the table? What about three photos of it? You might have been blinking? Let's take another. And then let's put them all in the album. And so while at an antique store on our way to a wedding I picked up a $5 Nokia and took some photos of nothing and everything (once I got home, since finding film proved to be impossible). Then the camera ate the second roll of film after I shot it and everything was overexposed, so I upgraded to a little 1992 Leica point and shot for fun (last four photos from the new camera). And yes, I ordered prints, and yes, I'll make an album of all of it. 

Mississippi V3

It was my third time visiting one of my dearest friends and favorite families in the world in the least expected Happy Place, Mississippi. The happy place where playing dress up at dinner is obligatory and silliness always wins. Tears poured out of all of our eyes when it was time to leave, and the "AUNT JILL DON'T GO!" sad guilt trip means we'll surely be back again soon.