Three Days in Paris

A last minute quick trip to see loved ones and my favorite haunts in Paris with a new little 90s 35mm Leica (and iphone for the last photo since Kristen didn't press the shutter button hard enough for the real photos of me :) 

V & D's WEDDING in the beautiful Rain, Helwig CA

It's pretty impossible for me to love V & D more than I do, or appreciate all of the joy and love they have around them and about them. I've had the best year of getting to know and learn from them, and couldn't have been more excited to have photographed their wedding. Their official, signed wedding. Marriage, fuck yeah. 

AC / BC : The Most Rocking Fort Mason SF Wedding in History

When someone else's wedding is one of the best days of your life- when every second feels like there's magic running through every inch of everyone present- when there's so much love that you can't take the smile off your face for even a minute- when you squeeze the bride's hands and feel giddy with excitement: you know it's all where it's supposed to be, that the universe has aligned and everything is f'ing wonderful.  AC/BC, you rocked this city and my heart, and undoubtedly the hearts of everyone around you. Feeling infinitely lucky that we found each other and left our marks on the best Saturday Fort Mason has ever seen.