You're ...Well, the BEST.

Dear Coworkers:

Simply stated, you, my friends turned family over these last amazing years, are nothing short of the best. You turned a job into a lifestyle, one that nurtured creativity and love and the kind of friendship that happens rarely but lasts a lifetime. I can't wait to see what you make when the doors to Electric Blanket open and you can come have coffee with me from velvet couches while Beach House plays and skeletons stare at you.

Funny how different it feels this time- unlike signing high school year books with "stay in touch, don't ever change," I know we'll stay in touch, and I do want change- for all of us- because we've grown up together so much already over these four + years (this time with grey hair and the introduction of children, marriage, life changes), and I love who we've become. I know we'll just get better and better with age, and I'm so excited to be on the journey together. We're going to make great things. Thank you for teaching me this. And thanks for letting me take photos of you on my last day as a full time employee.