Why You Should Always Talk to Strangers

My grandmother and I had a little laugh before I left from CA about not talking to people on the airplane. After all, most of the time it’s more hassle than fun anyway, and, I have three books to read while flying.

The pleasure of traveling on the fourth of July, while everyone else is drinking cold beer with warm friends at backyard barbecues is that although alone, you might just get a free seat next to you on the plane. On the other side of the free seat was Annabel.

Treading lightly and planning to get back to reading, I learned that we were swapping places but going to the same place (she from the west going to her made up home east, me from the east visiting from my made up home west). Anyway, long story short, when I asked Annabel what she did, and she replied that she was a wedding photographer, I almost fell of my chair. Instead we swapped business cards and spent the next five hours talking about everything photography, and then everything life. Five hours passed like two or three, and we probably could have lasted many more without notice. I predict that there may be more of these sessions.

So, I guess you never know when the stranger sitting next to you is exactly who you’d want to be stuck with for hours on end. This is her amazing stuff (with business partner Dorothee) http://www.belathee.com/

Inspired. #talktostrangers