Where To Begin!? Chasing Nightmares Part 1

A few months ago, one of my good friends Jenna told me about animal masks she got for her wall. Around the same time, I wanted a tilt-shift lens that cost the entirety of my savings, but Jenna reminded me that I’m officially a professional now, and these investments are well worth it.

I joked that we should wear her masks in the woods and take photos with my new lens…and told some friends, who were keen, but that was it. Then a little over a week ago, I decided we had to make it happen. Nightmares and mannequins.

You see, my whole life, I’ve been chased by nightmares. Horribly gory insane nightmares. I wake up in sweats, sometimes shouting. But rather than trying to make them vanish, I sometimes try to remember them a because I often think about nightmares being the paint that some great art (movies, fiction, etc) comes from. I want to capitalize on that.

Anyway…fast forward to some brainstorming, Olivia visiting the mannequin warehouse with me, Olivia and Jenna coming over to help put paper mache masks together and five incredible friends being completely IN. All in about 10 days, most of which I was really sick. I feel so lucky to have them on board, and so excited to watch my idea materialize.