Weekend Update - Baby It's Cold

The story and many rolls of film will come soon, but for now, here’s an update of the past few days on the road.

A quick stop in New York meant dinner with one of my favorite people in the world, Q.

I also got to introduce him to J & A

And he introduced us to minty Fernet.

Moscow will need a post of its own when film is developed and we’ve had the chance to process. The past two days have been fully surreal, absolutely wonderful, and currently impossible to articulate. But until then, here is a bit of what it’s felt like so far.

Soundtrack: Russian club techno

Smell: frozen air

Taste: Vodka that doesn’t sting & pickled herring to prevent hangovers

Touch: Frozen upon exposure

Without windchill: -13*f at the warmest part of the day

Warmth from: our new friends from Russia on the illuminated dancefloor