Weddings from Great Grandma's Attic

Long overdue, I’ve decided to start the year with some photos and inspiration from the archive of my great grandmother’s attic.

I was fortunate enough to grow up with most of my great-grandparents, but was extra lucky to have one set until just a few years ago. They were gorgeous.


      (This is one of my all time favorites photos in history. She was amazing.)

To say we were close wouldn’t come close to explaining our relationship, and I still think about them in almost everything I do. Fortunately, they seem to have loved taking and keeping photos, and I was able to take a bunch of them home with me a few years ago. When I saw the box of history (which are scores of posts in themselves), I was instantly drawn to the tons of wedding photos from life in New York back in the forties and fifties. What those weddings must have been like - how the food must have tasted and what that amazing music must have sounded like through speakers…the stories behind the photos…they were there. Those gorgeous dresses! …How many weddings they must have seen in their sixty something years together. Luckily, I can celebrate them all now, a million years later. These are some of my favorites.

My first wedding of the year is next week and will be awesome, so stay tuned. Happy January!