Visions of Sugarplums

"I don’t think I will ever stop feeling as though I have to make things in order to be understood." -Miranda July

It’s no secret that inspiration to make things can’t be forced. But sometimes it pours and the need to make things seems to press from under the skin, scratching at every pore that creation must happen now.  I’ve found myself at the latter, while visions dance in my head and I find myself painting for the first time in years following two weeks of inspiration bursting at the seams.  It’s landed me at one of the craziest art projects I’ve let myself have access to.  More on that soon. 

Here are a few photos from two weekends ago, which involved attaining memberships to SFMOMA and the DeYoung, watching Red, Jiro Dreams of Sushi and Norwegian Wood with D.  Photos from last weekend’s most incredible rockabilly themed wedding and my crazy art vision project coming soon. 

Jean Paul Gaultier at the DeYoung with Kristen

Andy Warhol at SFMOMA

SFMOMA rooftop cafe time with D