Truffles for Angie

Last week, I realized that fourth of July weekend was my last chance for down time until September, as the next nine weekends are packed with very exciting photoshoots.

I decided to seize the opportunity for relaxation by getting back to my abandoned kitchen to make some Pretty Fun treats for a lovely lady in Sonoma name Angie. I enlisted the help of Jenna, a regular in my messy kitchen and a great partner in execution of crazy ideas.

I found a recipe online for white mint chocolate truffles. Easy as pie. Or truffles. EASY. Two ingredients only- chocolate and cream. What could go wrong!?

Shocked by how many gourmet truffles I could buy for the cost of my supplies, we (Jenna) got to chopping and I worked on brewing some coffee and opening the beers.

Oh how pretty the ingredients were, how fresh…

But wait, they required WHAT? How many hours to set?

We had plans to go to a free outdoor concert! We needed them to be done sooner.

Which was fine, because my Australian cookbook had a similar recipe that set in 45 minutes instead of four whole hours. Score!


I did a bit of converting on my iphone app, doubled the recipe, and paid attention. ish.

Two hours passed while we read and indulged in the sun on my roof.

And this is when we realized that no hours in in the day would allow us to roll these “truffles". They would need to live in my fridge all night.

And then the following day, once able to be gently molded, to-my-freezer they went.

(sad attempt, held up by handy tomato sauce…)

They would ALMOST hold. Two days later. So I’m guessing either my poor poor math skills left me with overly creamy, soft, but oh-so-tasty lumps of white mint chocolate, or the recipe I started with sucked.
Or, that one should never ignore the golden rule that candy making must go hand and hand with one carefully followed recipe. I’d say “lesson learned", but I never do seem to learn these things.

A bit of love and Megan’s advice later, I was on my way to truffles V2.

V1, dipped in dark chocolate…

Which totally worked, but which was impossible to do on your own without making the biggest mess ever.

(as you can see)

but I had a few moments of chocolate covered excitement watching the lumps become truffles.

which I can successfully deliver to Angie this weekend.