This is my Floor.

More fun things are to come, but I took this photo over the weekend of the hilarity of my floor, usually spotless.  I spent about 24 hours on my floor this weekend, maybe more, searching and cutting and pasting and thinking, creating stories around pattern people and going with the flow.  At the end, I realized that this batch subconsciously carried a more feminist theme than my earlier pieces.  Despite my happy and calm nature resulting from a few weeks on vacation (putting things into perspective with my incredibly inspiring Australian friends), this round includes a gun-toting ex-debutante, a tiger-owning housewife, and a fine lady who’s bashed her husband’s car after finding a bra that wasn’t her own.  Don’t ask me why- it just Is.  And I love it.  Rest assured that there are fluffy and lovable characters in the mix to balance things out.  And even a few touristing gentlemen.

More to come.  Verrry soon.