This Business of Love (My Photography Year in Review 2012)

I’ve always thought weddings were beautiful and romantic, happy and exciting. The perfect things to photograph. What I didn’t know was how each would individually change my life in some special way.

This business of love is no small deal. There’s no waking up and feeling out of focus - it is a role that requires 100% presence- to listen and observe, to be reliable and supportive to people you’ve committed to. You see, this business of love is all-consuming. It’s magic, and it’s tangible. It’s different for everyone, but it’s real. And while weddings might be love at it’s peak, there’s also a world of it going on in the room around you. Hands are clutching a little tighter- tears falling more readily then expected. It’s in the walls and the floors, beating with each song and speech and whisper. 

There are moments when sparks fly- where the rest of the world falls silent for just a second. There are kisses that beg to last forever, and dances that seem to melt into the earth. There are words spoken and glances held in time. I was witness to it almost every weekend this year and  I have never believed in love more completely than now. I’ve stopped trying to make sense of it, and have instead let it embrace me, thankful for the clients-turned-friends who have taught me a world about what it means.

You did that for me too, 2011. This business of love is a lucky and very special thing. 


Cheers to the world’s best clients!

E & T

I also had the pleasure of photographing some amazing friends and their children: Emily and gorgeous little N in Chicago, my favorite little P, O and E in Autumn.

It was an amazing year in travel with visits to Mexico, New York, MoscowAmsterdam and Paris, Florida, back to New York, DC, Russian River, Maui, Palm Springs, a northwest roadtrip with my Grandmother, Palm Springs again, and then Boulder, back to New York and New Jersey before another jaunt in Paris and then Copenhagen.  A lucky girl indeed.

And before the year officially ends, Australia. A Christmas catch up post hopefully tomorrow!