Things that make me smile

Karli is one of my best friends in the world, a long time muse, and one of the reasons I think I do what I do. When I moved to Australia in 2005, Karli was one of the first friends I made and over time, became an irreplaceable part of my life.

(photo not by me, but thank you whoever took it. James?)
Whether we were baking messes or cooking veggie burgers from scratch, making an installation for the Art Gallery of Western Australia or holding our own collective art exhibition, Karli and I were often together, collaborating and getting excited. Actually, I’m teary just talking about her, because she’s a trillion miles away in Western Australia instead of hanging out with me. The first piece of art I hung in our home two years ago was a massive photo of Karli’s face. it’s the first thing you see when you walk in.

To the point:
Karli just redesigned her website and I’m So excited about it. Not only is it Super cute and creative, but it’s So Karli. One of my most fond memories of the house we created in was the mantle, eventually adorned with my art and things I would send Karli from SF for fun. So not only does this make me super nostalgic, but also extremely proud of Karli and her creativity.

When I was home a few months ago, I had the chance to photograph some of Karli’s new pieces, some which are listed on her new site.

Here are a few others.

Congratulations Karli!

I miss you and love you!


…I’ll take you shopping…..




See more of her stuff at her website,,, Etsy and her blog at