The Science of Memory - Kind words from clients

This gorgeous email found its way into my inbox a few weeks ago and actually made me cry. So, I asked (fake fun names for privacy) Ginger and Alastair if I could post it- not as a pat on my own back, but because their words were so special that they had to be immortalized. They are why I do what I do.

Just one more quick note to say thanks, again. Part of the story
behind being camera-shy is an unwarranted certainty that you look
uncomfortable all dressed up, that you seem dour at otherwise happy
events, and that your big events are social trainwrecks waiting to
happen. Capturing that on film just seems like a bad idea. Crazier
still is that, even if the event goes off without a hitch (or with a
hitch, ha ha), you can convince yourself as you think back on the day
that it was nonetheless awkward.

Memories, researchers say, are not high-fidelity accounts of what
happened, but constructed stories that blend fact and fiction and we
use these memories to make our lives a little more seamless - so if
I’m sure I’m an awkward, somewhat indelicate presence, I will tell
myself a story of the day that is consistent with that self-identity.
And so it was really moving for both Alastair and me to see the photos
and see ourselves with new eyes. (Alastair: I had no idea I looked good
in a suit! Me: I had no idea I smiled so much!) I’m amazed at how the
pictures provide a narrative of the day — one that helps us to
remember it as the sweet and profound moment it was. As I looked
through them I think this is really a gift you have — to take and
select photos that tell a story that I’ll be able to look back on and
say “yes, that was exactly what I wanted the day to be like."

Anyway, that’s my way of saying that the pictures are so much more
than just really good pictures and I’m truly grateful.