T & C's Wedding

Thaedra & Corbn Got Married and I got to be such a special part of their day.  I’ve known Thaedra since my early days of living in Australia and have always found her to be one of the most beautiful people both outside and in.  So when Thaedra asked me to come back to be her official photographer, I couldn’t have been more elated.  Thaedra has always had great photographers in her life and high standards for art, so to be picked officially was an honor.  I had no idea how amazing everything would look and how easy it would be to capture.  However, I also didn’t expect that I’d be crying my eyes out looking at the photos (happy tears, of course).  This was another affirmation that I could be very happy spending my life as a photographer, although I’d need a live in masseuse after carrying around my gear a few more times.  It will be hard to top this wedding in terms of beauty, fun and flawlessness.  Congratulations Thaedra & Corbn.  (For more photos, see www.facebook.com/littlebatphotography, where I’ve posted a greater portfolio from the wedding).