Tales of a Smaller Me - Papers from Grandma's Attic

A few weeks ago, I found myself in my Grandmother’s attic, and then found myself again in a stack of papers from a long, long time ago. I sat at the table with Grandma and my little brother gasping and laughing at how cute the world in my head was and shocked at just how very Me I’ve always been. A little dark, imagination running wild, dramatic from the start. Most of the stories and drawings seem to be from around age seven, give or take. I’ve left misspellings in for authenticity :)

April 10 1989

Once upon a time there was a place called Drizzle Town. The town was given this name because raindrops fell all day long. This made the pepole very funny.

Evry day since that day it rained. Five years later, the sun came out. And now it made the pepole crazy. The end.

Polly and the bublegum mistry

Once there was a parakeet named Polly. Every day polly would say, uck Polly wants bublegum. This made master very mad. The master took him to the animal docter. Polly bit the docters finger. OUCH!! Screamed the docter. The docter checked him out. Your parakeet has bublegumatidis. WHAT Bublegumatitis? O, just great now I’v gota listen to a talking arangatang (buck I want bublegum.) Well what will I do? Hear, the doctor gave him some money. Go out and by 13000 bublegum cans. What? I don’t think the candystore will have so much bublegum there. Then go to Shop Rite. Wow what a great animal docter. There is no buble gum in Shop Rite.

He went to the candy store to try it out. I got one can. It worked. I did it. O brother. Now hese starting. Dun dun dun dun dun.

The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter - Tom Kitten Book report

I am reading the book All Tales of Beatrix Potter. It tells about many tales. I am reading the tail Tom Kitten. It tells about a kitten and his sisters getting in to trouble. Their names are Tom, Moppet and Mittens and the mothers name is Mrs. Tabitha Twitcit. Mr Twitchit was killed by a big rat. I like the story because it tells about cats and kittens and I love cats and kittens.

Ther was a girl named Sally. She had lots of friends. One day after school a new girl came in. Her name is Jule. At play Sally was jellis. Because Jule was playing with one of Sallys best friends. So at the end of the day Sally talked to her mommy. She sed I dont want to go to school because no one likes me. She did not go to the school.

(how bad is this story! I can’t believe I wasn’t thrown in therapy after this.)