Speechless for APW

Yes, I have a love affair with A Practical Wedding. Conspiracy theorists might think we have a special affiliation deal or a secret plan to give each other props. But the reality is that if a blog could find a girl and a girl could find a blog that became a community, it’s me and APW.

When I started figuring out where to advertise, APW was an easy choice because Emily told me so. But I also tried a million other places, and within a year it was very clear to me: there’s one place (now two with Offbeat Bride) my favorite clients come from, and honestly, I’d rather have a handful of the best than a ton of mismatches. I’d say again that this is why I’ve kept my day job (not wanting to have to do photography, always to want it and enjoy it) but I’ve had no shortage of calls- simply because we get each other, me and APW readers. It’s like connection magic, all on a community Meg built with some help from likeminded readers and writers.

I’ve been lucky these last two years, because not only have I had the chance to work with something like 30 APW couples, but because I’ve had the warmth and comfort of the community, the challenge to work alongside the photographers I’ve long admired, to share and grow together.

So when I read Maddie’s post about me and Little Bat this morning, I almost cried. Because even though I paid for a post to appear about my business on APW today, I had no idea what it would be about. I send a handful of photos in, answer a few of Maddie’s questions, and then it’s out of my hands. In the midst of craziness, I completely slacked in responding to questions until the *very* last minute. So that Maddie not only didn’t kill me, but did THIS is just… yeah- speechless.