Smoke and Fire and Bright Blue Skies- A Week in Maui

If you’ve visited my blog more than once, you’ve probably gathered that I have a severe case of wanderlust- one that isn’t easily appeased and has become necessary for the sustainability of my life of working seven days a week.  I’ve learned that a bit of play in between the madness is the right balance for me.  So when the stars align, I usually don’t think twice. 

Having just completed a huge project at Twitter, I was Skyping with Jodie who mentioned how sick she was of seeing my face on a computer screen- that we needed to just be on an island together for quality time, face to face. Jodie, one of my best friends from Australia who has two tiny children and a crazy schedule was semi serious. Less than two weeks later, we were on Maui in a cottage, cooking fresh fish and quesadillas, making mai tais from fresh fruit and drinking coffee with local chickens roaming at our feet, the ocean beyond our porch. 

I was able to drag Jodie (scared of small planes) into a ten seater that flew over red lava volcanoes and then onto the back of a scooter while we zipped around island roads.  We drove to Hana and then back around the bottom of the island, then took a boat cruise to watch fireworks from the ocean. With a shaky camera in hand (see paint of blue and yellow below), we watched a full moon rise over mountains with jaws dropped (think- Melancholia).  We read magazines (I finished Atlas Shrugged!), talked our hearts out, watched some trashy tv, and found ourselves in some entertaining ‘nooooo’ situations.     

I realized a few things on this trip.  One, that real ‘do nothing’ vacations are really truly amazing. We all assume this, but I can confirm. Second, that the value of seeing new things with eyes really is my favorite thing in life.  I think of how lucky those of us with sight are - to see and take in the richness of beauty.  Third, which I realize all the time, the wealth of having good friends who are not only spontaneous, but willing to fly 18 hours to see me! …Ahhhh, our week in Maui.