Serendipitous Sharing

(Photo from one of my first play with patterns in about 2005)

Sunday was as a weird day.  F & I met A & M at the Bernal Markets.  I was in a search for the one pattern lady I knew of, and she wasn’t there.  A found $700 in a wallet she wanted to buy, and turned it in to the vendor, walked away with $100 cash for her honesty and she and I picked some vintage things from the stall, on the house.  This was exciting (and bizarre), but I still felt an aching for finding patterns.

F & I passed a store on our ride back to the Mission that made me need to stop.  I wasn’t sure why, but it seemed like paper dolls might be living in the rafters.  I found the perfect vintage sweater, but no patterns.  For some reason, I asked the shopkeeper if patterns were in fact living somewhere- and they were!  She mentioned that she had some, and would consider getting them from storage and selling them to me.  I left my business card and said I’d be back later in the week.

Tracy, the shopkeeper, sent me an email early in the week that she had seen my site, loved my art, and that not only could I come see her patterns, but I could Have them!  And even better, we worked out that she would get use of the patterns and I would get use from the covers, so we could exchange.

Not only did I feel great that I could have her patterns, but that she could go through mine to use the actual patterns.  We were being resourceful!  And she was being very generous to support my art.

I left the shop last night feeling excited- some sense of community and ‘this is what art is about!’  Feeling like I couldn’t wait to make Tracy a piece of art, and that more good things lie ahead.

Tracy’s shop is called “Reinvintage” and is on Cortland Ave in Bernal Heights (San Francisco).  It’s a really beautiful place to be in, and she has some gorgeous things (one less since I walked out wearing a perfect blue sweater from the 70s).