S & D's Ultra Fun Rockabilly Wedding (Dance Off)

Meeting S & D in person was as “match at first site" as this stuff goes.  They were looking for a photographer- for their rockabilly wedding.  My brain and closets and taste in music think I live somewhere between the late 50s and early 60s, and so I had only one question- can I dress up!?!?  Oh, and please can I shoot your wedding?

There was no doubt that this was the same all around.  Aside from S & D being the most creative and fun (and so in love) people I could imagine, they found the *greatest* MC I’ve ever worked with at the most accommodating venue and staff imaginable.  Dancing seriously at the best sock hop in history, everyone covered in fake tattoos (*everyone, including grandparents*), we sang and laughed and did the hand jive.  Not Kidding.  The only problem was that I wanted to blog over a hundred photos because there were so many amazing moments that it was impossible to pick.  Here’s a start.

(Thanks to Allison Andres for lending her fab skills as my second shooter, to Steve Schon at Function 45 for being the best MC in the world (trust him to do his thing!) and to Lora Salfi, Director of Catering at Inn Marin for making us feel so welcome and happy.  Extra thanks to S & D and all of their friends and family for being so much fun.)