Road Tripping

I had such a great weekend playing with/learning about my new camera and lens, driving through California and Nevada, remembering how much travel is in my bones and how important the thrill of seeing new places is.  Tahoe roads were too icy to stop on the way up, so we headed straight to Reno, but not before stopping at Cabelas, the warehouse for all things “America, Fuck Yeah" (guns, hunting equip, stuffed dead animals, etc).  In all of its craziness, it was pretty awesome to observe.  Reno was (to my surprise) packed with character and color, and the falling snow made for an even better experience.  We spent the next day between Reno’s charity/thrift shops for art supplies, record stores for records, and Virgina City for incredible scenery and snow.  It’s sort of a ghost town/wild west town that I think used to mine silver.  Anyway, it was soo gorgeous and provided tons of inspiration for new Paperdolls sets.  We headed back through Tahoe for some snow play and then to Sacramento, also surprisingly fun.  The shows were great and everyone was in good spirits.  I’ll post a few photos after this post.  Hope everyone had a good weekend!