Pretty Fun Things @ Residents Apparel Gallery (RAGSF)

art art art!

Over the last few months I’ve gotten tons of questions about my art. Am I abandoning art for photography? Am I having any shows? Do I sleep?

No, sort of, and sometimes, in short.

It’s true that I’ve taken a bit of a breather after a super busy year with shows in 2010, but my art is still alive and growing, albeit at a slower rate while I focus my artistic energy on a year packed with super exciting weddings to photograph and strengthening the wings of Little Bat.

But art will always be a part of my life, like it always has. And each piece, like each of my photography clients, holds a very special place in my brain and a home in my heart. So…

Last night I spent some time at the Residents Apparel Gallery with Blakely, the super cute, stylish and artistic owner of RAG who contacted me a few weeks ago about showing my art at her store.

Not only was it a huge honor to be asked, but once the art was hung it felt very much like everything was in its place, where it was meant to be. I’ve purchased some things from RAG before, and it really is a special store.

Stocking all (or mostly?) local, pretty, handmade goods, it’s the kind of store that reminds you we’re in a community where art is appreciated and culture thrives. If you’re in Hayes Valley, check out the store, visit my Paper Dolls and Fragments, and support local artisans.

RAG is at 541 Octavia Street between Hayes and Grove in SF, open 12-7 daily. While there won’t be an opening for Pretty Fun Things, come to the opening of "Back and Forth" on May 6th from 7-11pm. Hope to see you there!