Portraits of H

Could this have been my first official (ie, paid) portrait job?  I felt extremely fortunate and honored to be asked to take portraits of H.    B (mother) requested our local beach, and when we got there, she said to me: ‘This isn’t going to work, is it?’  The wind was fierce, the air was chilly, and the princess outfit didn’t seem likely to be seen without a parka.  I insisted (half lying to myself) that it would be fine.  We had come all the way here- we were going to make it happen.  Fortunately, H was beyond a trooper and couldn’t wait to ditch the coat and shoes and run in the sand.  My second concern was that I couldn’t get her to stand still.  This would be fun for a few shots, but what about the fact that her parents wanted portraits- Like, their Child’s Face.  I warned B as we were leaving that it might not be an average shoot, and we should try for the summer, when it’s warm- and at a park, since SF beaches never get warm.  She told me she hoped for 5 shots, and would be happy with that. 

Well, I got home and rushed to the computer to see what my five picks would be, praying there were 5.  Well, out of 150, there were 71 I just needed to share.   I wanted them all.  They made me teary and extremely excited to show B.  B’s reactions were what every photographer would hope for.  I was buzzing with excitement.  I love this.   I can’t wait to do more.