Playing with Polaroid in Portland (A Whole Lot of Blur)

I picked up a shiny new (old) polaroid at a popup shop in San Francisco a few weekends ago, excited to try peel away film in something other than my great grandmother’s ancient land camera. This one is huge and heavy, but a tad less complicated. Only…there’s no way to know if you’re in focus other than guessing distance. And I’m potentially the worst person at guessing numbers in the world.

Excited that my first pack of black and white was on track, I tried color in Portland.  It was not on track.  It was extremely blurry and messy. I’m looking forward to Portland on the Mamiya (coming once I can get film developed from the road!) and also to the next pack of black and white shot in NJ, which is much much better!

Some shots from a family shoot for friends

followed by a dinner party at L’s awesome apartment in SF.


LuLu’s Vintage PDX

, my favorite vintage shop with my little brother

Freya is just so beautiful with Autumn around her that I keep trying to get her with trees.

We explore neighborhoods and do vintage shopping, drink coffee and plan the evening…

of beer and snacks and enjoying the spa at our AirBnB.

Success, even if blurry success.