Pausing for Mexico

It doesn’t take much to convince me to travel, but when a lady says “Come to Mexico this Friday", you don’t ask questions. You buy a ticket. You reward yourself for getting through December with your head still attached and for being a constant hard worker.

This long weekend in Mexico with two close friends might have been the first real do nothing vacation I’ve had in almost five years. I brought only film and books and Elliot the Horse. The wifi didn’t work and the weather was perfect, so we lounged and ate and drank cocktails by the sea. The Cuban dance floor begged us to dance, the music called our names. Mesmerized by the beauty of the flow that is Mexico.

We chanced to meet a local with a boat on our last night who offered to take us around before we left. Dolphins and pufferfish came to greet us, the ocean embraced us, and the warm Mexican breeze enveloped us.

Thank you Mexico for the calm you replaced in us. Paused. Reset. Ready to play again.