My Photography is now on Etsy! (ie, Tales of an Unsalesperson)

I used to make my family buy all of the fundraiser chocolate bars rather than sell them.  I never could ask people to buy things, no matter how good the cause.  I just wanted to make things.

When I was in high school, my business minded best friend (hi J!) would be devising ways for us to turn my art into business.  And while it worked from time to time (painting murals, window paintings, drawing portraits of children for families), I still wound up with boxes of negatives, maxed out hard drives, and people’s garages filled with art I made and did nothing with.  So every time I list a new item on Etsy, a little voice in the back of my head considers how proud J would be!

Selling Photography?  Selling stock photos and losing my rights never appealed to me.  My photos are Mine! (with the exception of wedding photography, which I share with the couple).  Doing more wedding photography is something I have wanted for years for the mere fact that I love it to the max (If only I had the time and money to market myself appropriately)!  But I never thought I could casually sell my photography (or art for that matter) without feeling sales-y.  Now I can, to the people who want it- No pushy vendor feeling attached. It’s marvelous, this internet thing!

Bottom line- My photos are now for sale on Etsy!  Special orders welcome!