My First Boudoir

Absolutely tortured by not posting what I think are some of the best photos I’ve ever taken, I’ll leave you for the week with a few snippits of my session with…Let’s call her Jane. Jane contacted me asking if I did boudoir photos, which was one of the hardest emails I ever had to respond to. After several attempts and erased lines of “yes, but no, but yes", I responded that I often take photos of gorgeous women, and whether or not they’re clothed isn’t an issue. However, leopard print take-me-now photos are all I imagine when I hear the work “boudoir", so we needed to be clear about what we had in mind.

Fortunately, we were both on the exact same page. We actually had a super fun time and got to know each other while the layers came undone, both acknowledging that it was our first time both being the subject and the photographer in this context. I loved when Jane talked about wanting to be sure the photos were of her as a whole, and not just body parts- and my goal to celebrate the pieces of the whole that are sometimes overlooked.

Lucky for me, Jane was cool with me posting some faceless photos. If you could only imagine my favorites of the rest, think Jane on her hardwood floors with her colorful books behind her, bicycle wheel and chair next to her beautiful body, light pouring in from the windows above…