My Best Friend's Wedding / or J & R show New Jersey Who's Boss

Sometime in the 90s, Alanis Morrissette had us thinking about rain on your wedding day.  Sure, maybe it would suck a little, though it’s hardly ironic.  Little did we think of an epic hurricane and then Nor’Easter hitting your home and leaving you without power the entire week of your wedding. Showers? Power in your church and venue? Your totaled car and boxes of history lost forever to the sea? These are not things we’ve considered for our wedding day. But J & R didn’t let this bother them. They were going to get married come Frankenstorm or come shine. 

A little later in the 90s, I was a freshman in a new school. Rumor spread that some girl J wanted to fight me. Apparently I was the first girl who had replied “bring it”, because before I knew it, she was my new best friend.  Never in history had two more opposite teenagers become best friends. J, the loud, business minded body builder and I, the quirky misunderstood artist- were there for everything together. There were times when I was sure we wouldn’t survive if we didn’t have each other. Thick and thin was an understatement. To death do us part was more like it.

And so, over most of the last ten years, I’ve slowly handed the reigns to R, though the protective part of me was still reluctant to let her go. That is until her wedding day.  Never ever could I have imagined a happier J or a more loving R, so absolutely complete. With tears rolling down my cheek and almost 20 years of history behind our friendship, I got to photograph my best friend’s wedding.  And despite the week that lead to it and the lack of power 12 hours prior, what a perfect wedding it was.  It actually couldn’t have been better (and ps, yes, that is the bride making her clients do push ups at her wedding, and no, the little girl who photobombed the flex photo is not a client).

So: Thank you J & R most of all for being each other’s rock, to R for allowing me to have full confidence that J will always be ok.  Congratulations on not only your marriage, but the strength  you pulled together to completely not lose your shit when everything seemed to be failing up until the hours before your wedding. You win wedding bliss.

And thank you thank you thank you to Monica from Hart and Sol East:  when I asked Maddie & Monica (who I’ve long had a photography crush on) if they knew of a second shooter who might be willing to back me up, Monica jumped in and was the best partner, photographer and date I could have dreamed of.  I feel so fortunate to have had your evening.

And a little ode to friendship then:

and now, thanks to Monica’s batch: