More Fun with My Mamiya

I think my favorite place to take photos of people is in homes. This is April in my home shortly after Christmas. She had just come back to SF after spending the holidays away and I was thrilled to see her. We had brunch and walked around for hours, shopping and talking, and then came back to my house to have tea and quesadillas and do some work. The house was quiet and I was sitting on the floor and I noticed how beautiful she looked under my windows. I like when my camera is near me at times like this.

There were also some funny goat photos on this roll of film from Jenna’s birthday farm dinner.

This is what being on a goat farm feels like. My cape was covered in goat spit.

This woman started the New Year fully clothed in the ocean.

And last, D took this of me on New Years Day while we wandered around Muir Beach together. It was the perfect way to start a New Year.