Meh. I mean, Yay!

My brother Derek has been a great sounding board for my ideas both because he has a lot in his head which is very useful, but he’s also 17.  His perspective is fresh and less jaded than most people I interact with, and so I appreciate his approach to things.  Anyway, he insisted that I needed a Facebook Page for my “fans".  And coincidentally, so did the woman who called me from a wedding site I had listed myself on.  So, it’s here:!/pages/San-Francisco-CA/Little-Bat-Photography/358016102904?ref=search&sid=532361502.2640177488..1  But I can’t secure the name until I have enough Fans.  So be my fan!  (sell soul…Here.)  Hopefully I’ll be able to change that URL by the end of the day.  Thanks Fans! * Jillian