Little Bat gets Bazaar

A little over a year ago, I was in Australia to photograph Thaedra & Corbn’s wedding. I was lucky enough to go with Thaedra to pick her dress up, which literally left me in tears. I’m generally a bit emotional (and into fashion), but meeting the artist - dress maker, Rose, and seeing her talk about the handwork that went into Thaedra’s dress, made for her body and personality, I was in awe.

Anyway, fast forward, I sent Rose some pictures of Thaedra in her dress, as well as the dress alone, and was contacted a few months ago from an agency looking to use one of the images for an advertisement. Knowing it was for Rose (as Anette of Melbourne) I of course agreed, still not knowing the publication. Next thing we know, someone has commented on seeing Thaedra in this month’s Harper’s Bazarr in Australia, and we realize how cool this is. Woohoo for Rose, Thaedra, and an awesome photo that brought us together again.

(cover - So much more risque than the US covers!)

(yay for credit in the bind! Reads: Anette of Melbourne- Little Bat Photography)!