Leaves of Boulder

Continuing with almost a year of film-only-for-personal-adventures, the Mamiya accompanied us on a recent weekend journey to Boulder. 

It’s funny looking back and trying to decide whether this is what Boulder was to me.  We were there for only one full day but two half days, and we did so much more than play in leaves.  We spent an afternoon finding vintage treasures which required a whole new (1960s Samsonite!) suitcase for the return- We had a fantastic lunch at Kitchen and then a takeaway pizza picnic in our amazing AirBNB flat.  We made smoked salmon breakfasts and ventured to a little town in search of new scenery. We saw Beach House live at the Boulder Theater (so good)!

In reflecting, I think I would have photographed all of these things obsessively if I was shooting digital, and I wished I had photographed them all on film.  I just didn’t think to, because for me film is so much more deliberate than just ‘this is everything’.  In some ways the control is disappointing.  Those things were each beautiful. 

But in reality, I think it’s perfect.  I spend so much time being a photographer that keeping my camera in my bag meant I indulged in the moments in between.  It wasn’t about documenting, but a weekend of being.  And so I think it’s spot on.  Two afternoons of venturing, a lot of “stop/stand there" - “wait here- I’m going to sit on the wet icy ground/ climb that rock: photograph it".  Strangely, I had an urgent need to be using a polaroid while there, but apparently Boulder is not a good shopping city for vintage cameras.

More film adventures soon and then K & R’s stunning Healdsburg wedding (with Polaroid!), hopefully all this week.