Le Diner SF - Under the Stars in White

An outdoor picnic gala-esque gathering with food, fashion, french things and a few thousand people, K, J & I attended the first Le Diner SF event last night. It was as amazing as that sounds, even for someone who hates crowds and rarely goes out at night. Nestled between the Academy of Science and the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, we ate and drank and danced under stars in our wigs and fancy frocks and posed in each other’s photos.

If only my camera battery hadn’t died an hour in, and the taxi ride home to get a new one hadn’t resulted in turning back around without a battery (wrong keys!) I would have taken a million photos. Instead, I was forced to see with both eyes, which in retrospect, was probably more special and necessary.

I took a roll of film as well, so my fingers are crossed that I’ll have some additional photos to post soon.

(me by K)