L & A's East Bay Wedding (that I wished lasted all night)

Every once in a while, a movie is so good that it’s hard to leave the theater afterwards. You find yourself sitting and reflecting, listening to the music while the credits roll, just not ready to leave yet.

I left L & As wedding with the same feeling. I just wasn’t ready for it all to be over. I woke up thinking of them, almost missing them. L & As wedding, which started with their mingling from opposite sides of the room while getting closer and closer until finally embracing with L’s tears in her eyes and ended after a most delightful evening of dancing and laughing felt like a movie to me. A movie including outtakes- like when the DJ played a hip hop song instead of the correct song for the father-daughter dance, leaving L’s dad going with the flow and L cracking up for several minutes while the DJ figured it out. A movie including special features, like when L’s dad sang a song using his iphone to guide him through correct english.

Where toasts included many glasses of wine and kisses, uncles who insisted on going robo-style and where the children found secret pebbles in the winery gardens. I was constantly laughing, singing along, and melting every time L held my hand while she and A talked to me…loving every second of watching A, who I previously thought was shy, crawling to get a garter and laughing while dancing the conga.

I think I’ve left the theater by now, but the story still lingers and probably will for a while. Endless congratulations to L & A and their new life together.