K & R's Cornerstone Wedding Loveliness

Prettiest wedding in the world status? Quite possibly. 

Cornerstone has always held a special place in my heart as a necssary stopping point on the way to Sonoma for a stroll in the installation gardens, and a place I’ve always wished I could shoot a wedding at.  So when K&R reached out from the other side of the world, I jumped for joy not only at the thought of a Cornerstone wedding, but at the chance to work with another Australian + US couple.  It turned out that K & I had mostly the same crazy path of going to the same university, graduating the same year, and then moving overseas for a Masters before marrying an Australian. All coincidentally, and all so right.  

Needless to say, their wedding wasn’t only fun and beautiful but made me extra homesick for Australia. 

Congratulations K & R, and thanks for such a wonderful evening!