Just Like Butter - Portraits of Emily

I hadn’t thought about taking portraits on Sunday until she asked, and then after I did, I hadn’t thought about posting them until Emily used the word "buttery" to describe the photos. Yes please.

Here are some lessons on taking impromptu photos of Emily (I’ve listed them separately, but looking at them, they’re all connected):

1. Emily and I are very different photographers. When Emily says “give me direction" I say, Umm, what? Act natural!

2. “Act natural" to Emily is “act like a spazzzzz who hates being in front of the camera" because Emily is naturally a spaz. I knew this from our session last year, but forgot about how Emily is great at giving direction and I’m awful at it (with the exception of artistic shoots where I have something specific in mind that I want, like Chasing Nightmares). A few years ago, I would have thought this made me a bad photographer, but I realize now that my style allows me to just approach my shoots differently. This is also why you won’t normally catch me doing headshots.

3. Emily is so gorgeous and so much fun. I knew these things, but looking at the photos, I couldn’t get enough of her. I swoon at her eyes.

4. Outtakes are intakes. When we joked about the need for an outtakes post, I noted that having a serious Emily is almost the outtake. She wouldn’t be Emily if she wasn’t dancing a jig or throwing her leg on a tree or pretending she’s scary stalker. This is the real Emily.

5. When you try to give Emily direction because you really want to try for her, she takes you literally. Lean against this tree produces LEANING. AGAINST the tree.

So I stopped trying. And in the end, got some pretty gorgeous, buttery images of her.

Thanks for your beautiful face, friend.