J & L's Graceful Offbeat Wedding Lunch

J & L’s wedding was one big collective smile, filled with sentiment and sighs of happiness.  Every little touch of color had a place and a meaning- from L’s hand tied bowtie, J’s necklace made by her sister, rings they hammered out themselves, the bouquet whipped up in the car with heirlooms to hold it together…They picked a venue where they knew the food was good and managed to find a vegan wedding cake that tasted like real desert.  A playlist made by dad, a brother to officiate- a mother I wanted to stuff in my pocket and take her happiness with me everywhere… Children who sang for us, restaurant staff who were just as a part of it all as the guests. 

J & L proved that  a white t-shirt can be glamorous, that warmth is infectious and that a wedding can be perfect no matter how big or small the production around it.  Congratulations J &L, and thanks Offbeat Bride for bringing us together!