J & I's Brazilian Room Wedding - In the Mountains In Love

There are few jobs as rewarding as those which involve spending some of the happiest moments of someone’s life with them.  This was a day that reminded me of this constantly, including when I looked over at Maddie, tears in my eyes, and mouthed: “are you listening to this?" Every hand picked word left me absolutely honored to be a part of J & I’s wedding and the road leading to it.  I could list a hundred things that made this wedding so amazingly meaningful and special, including the citation of court cases during the ceremony, poetry readings by Grandma; rules that involved having to sing a song or dance a dance, or J playing bass with the band…the looks on their faces throughout the evening…

Congratulations J & I, and thank you for our road together. 

Special thanks again to Maddie from Hart and Sol who helped me shoot this amazing day and who continues to knock me off my stockings with her talent and pizzaz.