J & I Engagement Session - Love at the Sea

Ok, I’m jumping around a bit. F & C (who are different from F & C in Berlin below, I know, confusing, sorry)- are still on their honeymoon, and I need to see the expression on their faces when they see their photos before I share them with the world. I have some other ramblings and thoughts to post over the next few weeks, but after spending my Saturday afternoon with J & I, I couldn’t wait to post their engagement session.

I first met J & I at a cafe early in the year and immediately loved them, but was also prepared that getting I to be comfortable and relaxed in front of my camera might have been a challenge. Instead, this was one of the easiest, most fun sessions I’ve ever had. What started with “OMG, It’s Fleet Week and there are three million people standing in our choice photo location, what do we do?" ended in laughs while the sun set over the ocean behind us. A successful spontaneous change of plans and a wonderful afternoon later, here is J & I and their adorable love. My current status: warm, fuzzy.