J & As Woodland Wonderland Wedding

Soundtrack: Talking Heads

Smell: Crisp clean forest air and wood burning fireplaces

Touch: Velvet and fur, tulle, fallen leaves

Taste: Wines and beers, cheeses and smoked salmon, comfort food to warm the soul…

Sight: see below

It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of posting a wedding as the season comes to a close, but I’ve been waiting patiently for J & A and their wedding all year. It was worth the anticipation, made better only by partnership with a good friend from a different time in life, Chloe.

When J first contacted me, I knew that I had to photograph her and A’s wedding. If she hadn’t had me at, “candle lit dance hall", the idea of staying with the party overnight in the woods in historic cabins without electricity was pretty convincing. Best of all, once we met in person, J’s calm but electric presence was enough to wrap my senses in the need to photograph her. The same was true for the first time I met A, who was as equally as warm and thoughtful and flowing with charm.

Their wedding felt like a movie set to me, or rather the animation of a fairy tale with all of the good parts, minus the villain. The South meets Ireland, guests who insisted on treating us as guests, costumes and candles and chandeliers, and most of all, romance. The swept-away-entranced-by-the-beauty-of-everything-in-the-story kind.

Included in the wonder was help and companionship from Chloe Jackman, a friend I’ve known since we studied Law & Society together ten years ago. When I moved to San Francisco I found her again, only to find that neither of us had become lawyers, but rather were both coincidentally wedding photographers. Chloe came to my rescue after my second-shooter flaked, blessing me in disguise. Not only is Chloe an amazing photographer, but she made the best date imaginable, leaving the weekend feeling more like a vacation with a friend than anything like work.

We talked about how amazing the wedding was from the moment we parked after our three hour journey until days after we drove home. At the end of the photos, see Chloe dragging a pile of our camping gear up a hill as well as the view of what it was like to wake up in the morning with candles and a burning fireplace and my cardigan which I mistakingly thought would make a great curtain.