If I could marry a photograph...

I would marry this photo of Karli at BAM/ PFA because I’m in love with everything about it.

(Bonus if you can imagine the loud, live sound of High Places echoing throughout the gallery below us.)

She didn’t know I took a photo of her and was surprised when I told her it was her last night.

And then I’d potentially consider having affairs with these photos of April and Jenna on separate mornings at Cafe Gitane in New York even though the best part of Gitane is the colors and my camera was filled with black and white film.

I also took a series of (now seemingly boring) photos out of the plane window of our approach into Moscow to show both the vast expanse of nothingness ad the endless fields of ice and snow. This one is of a half accident and half crazy tall Russian trees.

And so begins the journey of seven rolls of film over 11 days. Next week, the tale of three cities.