Identities: Switching Things Up

It’s been about a month since I started working on the blog, and I love it.  I’ve had great feedback and think I can really get into the groove of using this blog as an official outlet of my artistic projects.  Before this, was a website I built with a friend from scratch, and while it was great at the time, I didn’t have enough flexibility to keep things current.  The blog is a great solution, but it’s not the best portfolio holder or the most professional persuasive site for the message “hire me to photograph your wedding!"

So we’re switching things up.  I’ve secured a new home for PrettyFunThings, so after the potential 72 hours of swap time, you should be able to find the blog at will be my go-to for my portfolio/more professional site, but you’ll still be able to link to the blog from the main site once everything goes through.

Please pass the message/site on if you know anyone who’s planning on getting married (or looking for a photographer in general).