Identities Part II - jillianwest becomes Little Bat

Because change can be good and "*insert name here* photography" is too ordinary for me, Photography by Jillian West is now Little Bat Photography (  While I’m aware that this might not be completely popular with every demographic, Little Bat is something I’m really excited about.  I love little things- Like little bunnies, for instance.  But I’m not a “Little Bunny" kind of a girl.  Bats on the other hand, well, bats I Love.  So Little Bat it is, which when I searched to see if it was being used, found that it’s also from one of my favorite books of all time, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Mad Hatter recites Twinkle Twinkle little bat…", which sealed the deal.

The website is a work in progress, and I’m hoping to better integrate my art (which, sadly, I learned is already being ripped off by someone in Australia in the city I exhibited last in); and I hope to have a section regarding the things that inspire me.  So look out for changes.  And I will soon post more about the art I’ve been working on.  Keeping busy, keeping focused, and getting very excited about what lies ahead!  Happy evening, Jillian.