Free Art December!

It’s December, and I have a goal to buy only handmade and vintage for all holiday presents. Over the course of the year, I’ve purchased most gifts for friends (and myself) on Etsy, flea markets and vintage stores, combining charming originality with a reduction in plastic-y junk presents.

In honor of winter, buying handmade, and the fact that most people buy more than one because they like the way my art looks grouped together, all of my art will be buy two get one free in December. This way, you can have a few in one spot, or you can share as you like.

Send me a message at if you have questions, or order two on Etsy ( and let me know which third you pick (equal or lesser value, please) and I’ll send all three at once. This offer also extends to the art up at Twitter, if you’re at HQ.

Happy Homemade Holidays.