Francesca's Shower (and Lessons in Undertakings)

Rather than list the things that made this day wonderful, which there were many, I thought it would be useful to reflect on some lessons I learned about holding a surprise shower for a good friend during the most crazy time of the year.

* You can’t photograph and host a shower at the same time. It just doesn’t work even if it felt like it would be the best photo-opp.

* If you’re going to get invitations printed, make sure your guest of honor…actually, just don’t. Unless your bride knows she’s got her own shower to go to, there’s just too much risk in the date changing after they’re printed.

* It’s ok to spend the night and day baking so that there are macarons, sesame snaps and fudge- they will all be happily gobbled up and loved, and you’ll be happy.

* Going back to Anthropologie to photograph the window display and then spending hours cutting and sewing circles because your bride loved them is also worth it.

* Have a special dress and veil ready if you predict she’ll show up in jeans. It makes your guest feel extra special and look extra pretty.

* If you’re thinking of smashing plates outside, be prepared to have your family cursed by the irate neighbor. And then laugh it off.

* If you’re setting up an unmanned photobooth in your bedroom, remember to focus the camera first or better yet, use a fixed lens and write “do not touch" on the lens. Doh!

* It’s ok to ask for (beg for) help. Thanks Jenna & Emily especially for helping get the last minute touches in order.

One day to cook, clean, bake, decorate and get unsuspecting bride to house for “absolutely necessary photo consultation". The house was a colorful mess.

My husband gets extra points for making no comments on the hangers that had been collecting around the house to hold strings circles for a few weeks.

(the only photobooth photo in focus- me & Emily testing it out)

Emily’s PB & J hearts and ingredients for the fresh farmer’s market sandwiches we threw together last minute.

(my feet after running around the house)

The plates that were then smashed and put into a piece of art for F & C

Emily is a swing dancer. Can you tell?

April wasn’t able to appease the neighbor, so she threw plates instead.

no one wanted to use the vintage napkins I found. They’re kind of hilarious and most certainly hideously sexist.

And the next time you see Francesca, we’ll be in Italy preparing for her Tuscan wedding.

Pictures of the art we made with the smashed glass coming soon.