Fragments of Opening Night

So many things ran through my head this weekend that articulation was impossible. There were so many new faces, completely new stock of 37 new pieces, and a completely different store. I did things a bit differently this time too, so it was a great way to see what worked and what worked better.

The few weeks leading up to opening night were crazy for me. I tried to be extra prepared to minimize stress, so everything was ready to go the week before. However, this left me with my brain, which meant a week of over-analyzing everything and worrying about whether I could do things better. I suppose many people do this about their work, and I’m not sure how much zen would be required to resolve this, but I’ll work on it for next time.

Of course everything went smoothly and the night was awesome. So many people turned up, and I received tons of feedback ranging from “the stories need to be In the art" to “Some of the people are really creepy." Both good things to think about.

The best and most interesting feedback was that this stock was better than the last. Which I heard was better than the last (and so on back to about four years ago when I started making them). It’s strange because as an artist, I strive to create more advanced and more interesting work, but I don’t stop loving the pieces that have preceded these. I love them each, and they each have a special place and a special story. I love telling these stories- and I almost always know exactly where each scrap of paper comes from and what I was feeling, how I named it, what the story means to me.

I still remember the very first paper doll I made, and exactly what went through my head from start to finish. And I still think she was one of the best. But it’s great to know that my work is reflecting the thinking I’ve been doing, mostly inspired lately by Truman Capote and the Velvet Underground, as well as Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland.

At the end of the night I had two things on my mind. The need to (finally) get dinner, and the urge to start making more art. And I was back to it after a few hours sleep. Stay tuned. Much more is on its way. ***