A Wild Text Chase with Mr Penumbra

What to do when you get to dinner, prepared with your 800 iso film for the dark night, but realize you have a mostly unused roll of 400 black and white in the camera?  I don’t believe in wasting, so there’s a bit of blur before a very disappointingly hued roll of 800. But this isn’t a story about failed film- it’s a story about a story by our friend Robin.

Ask almost anyone at Twitter what their favorite part of coming to the office is, and you’re likely to get one unanimous response (fact).  The answer is ‘the people’.  I suppose a benefit of being a popular company is the people it can attract.  Because we have, and have had, some crazy smart/ creative/ interesting employees, almost all humble and lovely. Lots of us have side projects or talents or careers.  Some write books. Robin, who we were lucky to steal for a few years, writes fiction.

You might have noticed a shiny glow in the dark book with an attractive jacket in your bookshop- or the NYT Bestseller list.  Say, in Marie Claire or a number of recommended reading lists.  That’s our Robin, and a few of us had the opportunity to celebrate with him a la Bold Italic event that involved a mystery text hunt in a private library and a ‘reading’ hack with whiskey and art. 

I won’t tell you anything about the book except that you should read it, because like Robin, Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore is mysterious, a bit geeky, well dressed, and leaves you deep in thought in a good way. 

And when I stalk him for the third reading of his I’ll attend in Portland next month, I’ll come prepared with better film.