F & C's Tuscan Wedding Part 2: Love at a Villa (Blessing Ceremony)

And then there were two. Two in the official F & C family, two sets of meaningful rings, two ceremonies to commemorate their union. Following a brief siesta, jumps in the villa pool, and dress change later, all of the guests gathered to witness F & C extra officially marry on the villa property while the sun set behind rolling hills (and seemingly enchanted woods) around us.

As the night wore on and the setting grew more and more dark, the guests seemed to illuminate our surroundings and the villa became more alive and beautiful.

At the end of a twenty hour day, I plopped myself onto a couch and talked the next few hours away, snapping photos as guests came into view, heaving great sighs of happiness mixed with exhaustion, anxious to see and now finally, post evidence of a most memorable evening. I get to see F & C often, which is good, because I imagine we’ll be reflecting on their amazing Tuscan wedding for a while.