F & C's Tuscan Wedding Part 1: Volterra (Civil Ceremony)

I’ve been saving these photos for so long (ok, only a few weeks, but for me, this is an eternity)- that I’ve forgotten to write my thoughts. Maybe also because it would be impossible to sum up F & C’s wedding in a blog post.

Think fifty people traversing oceans and then countryside to reach a villa in the middle of Tuscany, of a civil ceremony in an ancient town hall followed by a stroll around the streets of Volterra …of the sun shining and the birds chirping, of the residents cheering and celebrating with us. Think of a lunch of meats and cheeses with family followed by a drive along the winding country roads with a gorgeous Italian man who fills us in on the area’s rich history.

Looking back, it all feels a bit surreal, wandering the streets of Italy with F & C, trying not to cry during the translated ceremony, taking in the wonder and craziness of watching friends get married in a historic, foreign place…

(part two to follow shortly, and then my personal thoughts and experience in a post later this week)