E & A's Boston Museum of Science Wedding

E & A’s first email to me was one of those jump up and down “really, I can go to Boston with you to photograph your wedding" emails, made even more exciting by “wait, it’s at the Museum of SCIENCE!!?!?" Once I met them in person, I couldn’t think of a more suitable venue to celebrate their love.

Their wedding was no different. I jumped up and down throughout the hallways of the huge and deserted museum while E & A wandered through exhibitions and confronted dinosaurs and grasshoppers.

I was also lucky enough to have the company of the amazing Boston photographer Emily Sterne who helped document the night of eating and drinking and dancing and merriment. And if getting to shoot a Museum wedding in Boston wasn’t enough, the company of E & A and their awesome friends and family made it the best way to close an incredible year. Soon, a review on exactly how incredible it’s been.