Dear Friends: I Couldn't Love You More (Closing 2011 in Style)

No points for fabulous photography here (see tables of alcohol / friends who grabbed the camera throughout the night /thanks friends!) but big points for content. All points for content.

I ended this year with the beginning of a new life with the best friends I could imagine. All was set for Hats & Highballs V2 for a Sunday afternoon until the guy downstairs almost burned the house down. There’s nothing like being woken at three am gasping with fumes from a microwave on fire to decide on a new apartment within six hours. Long story short, this year’s Hats & Highballs Holiday Party was also a Housewarming. And it couldn’t have been warmer.

2011 was my third year in San Francisco and my third year at Twitter. It was also the year I realized again, but more than ever, just how lucky I am to be constantly surrounded by the most talented, creative, humble, gorgeous people I’ve ever known. I’ve always been lucky to find wonderful friends, but I’ve never known such a strong concentration of them could exist in one place. And in my house! (Thanks, Twitter, for setting us all up).

I probably tell you each (below) how much I love you regularly, but in case I don’t, thank you for being the fuel that inspires me daily.