Dancing with Myself

The un-cropped version of this is one is amazing. Though with valuable fence sitting from some friends, a tad of editing went into what is posted online.

While browsing for a future weekend away in Palm Springs I stumbled on the technicolor dreamy landscape of the Saguaro, which instantly stole my heart and all of my attention.  If heaven was on earth, mine would be a barrage of mid century color blocks with water and mountains and heat.  Lost in distracted daydreams I pictured a woman with long dark hair and pale skin against color with little but the necessary vintage accessories I live by and simple natural textiles. I quickly became obsessed with the idea.  I spent a night unable to sleep because the visions danced in my head and beckoned me.  I talked to James.  I drew them and painted them, surprised that I was able to sketch what was living in my head.  I made a list of clothing and accessories I’d have to have.  But how to find my perfect model and then convince her to come to Palm Springs and get crazy with no notice at all?  How??

So with nothing to lose and nothing to prove, I danced with myself.  I wasn’t the exact image of who I imagined, but I’d do.  Within a week I hopped on a plane for a 24 hour jaunt with nothing but a suitcase filled with fur and silk and a pair of sequiny high heels.  Two cameras, two tripods and a list of down-to-the-earrings shots I needed in order of lipstick color later, I was sweating in the desert against a backdrop of my paradise. 

With my timer button at hand, I challenged myself to not only my first attempt at modeling for a vision that was mine, but also my first time shooting Me.  Much to my surprise and despite my nervous doubt, it was everything I imagined.  It was perfect, hot, and a little out of focus.

[A few props to my favorite shops for their amazing pretty things:: white and tulle vintage dresses, black wool skirt, earrings, yellow hat and netting: Ver Unica Hayes Valley SF;  Necklace, bangle and beige silk shirt: After Life/Adoura Demode Mission SF; Black vintage slip and navy dress: LaRosa SF; Black silk dress, purple silk shirt and leather skirt borrowed from my friend Kristen; Last five photos are from the stunningParker Palm Springs.]